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Cincinnati Renewed Wellness is a multidisciplinary team of mental health and medical professionals that recognized there was a missing piece to the whole health puzzle. We established that the best way to treat an individual is by looking at the whole person. We offer Mental Health, Psychiatric, and Physical Health Counseling Services in Cincinnati, OH. As a new patient/client you are able to decide what services are most appropriate for you and your current needs. If you decide to utilize multiple services then we will work collaboratively to evaluate the health of the mind and body, identify the roots of current problems, and establish a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve healthy balance and total wellness. We hope that when you leave our wellness center, you feel empowered, confident, and revitalized. 


Our mind is the engine of our body. It facilitates our emotional, psychological, and social well being. It dictates the way we feel, think, connect, and manage stress. Sometimes that engine is not working to its full capacity due to bumps in the road or neglect of self-care. At Cincinnati Renewed Wellness, we can help you identify the barriers keeping you from the best version of you, walk through the mud of life together, and arrive at a place of self-compassion and peace. 


Everything in nature is connected. Your body is a complex network of nerves, organs, hormones, and many other things that make you complete. Mental health is just one aspect of wellness. Your mind can't function well if your body isn't well, just like your body can't function if your mind is not well.  The providers at Cincinnati Renewed Wellness will look at all aspects of you to help you achieve physical wellness. Whether it's developing a diet and exercise plan, a medication plan, or referral to a specialist, we will be on this journey with you. 


Nature dictates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That is balance. In today's modern world, balance can be hard to find. We are constantly told to multi-task and with modern technology our brains are on sensory and information overload. At Cincinnati Renewed Wellness, we help you build the tools you need to find balance in our life and start your path to wellness.  


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At Cincinnati Renewed Wellness, our mission is to break the current model of healthcare and bring the focus back to the individual. By assessing you as a whole, we  provide a more personalized experience with your provider while ensuring a high standard of care. By combining physical and mental health, our clinicians give you the resources you need to flourish and renew your perspective on health.
— Cincinnati Renewed Wellness