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Are you feeling like something is being missed? Do you want a second opinion? Maybe you are hoping to re-establish your physical health goals? At Cincinnati Renewed Wellness, we can perform a physical evaluation not only to address your concerns but to ensure that if you need to be seen by a specialist, we will ensure your care is coordinated. 



Meghan Hewitt is a family practice nurse practitioner. If she feels you need to be referred to another specialist outside of her scope, she will work with you to be seen by a physician in a timely manner to ensure you are receiving the best care.



Are you feeling the change of seasons? Are you needing an acute care encounter for common illnesses (sore throat, cough, etc)? We can provide you with an assessment, evaluation, and treatment. This service is coming soon to Cincinnati Renewed Wellness. Bear with us as our practice grows so that we can best serve you.