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How do I join a group?

Great question! There are a few ways you can join one of our groups. You can call us at 513-818-3208, email us at or click the JOIN button above. If you call and leave a message or send an email, please provide your name, number, and which group you are interested in. We strive to return all messages within 48 business hours. We will call you back to set up a brief intake to ensure you or your child is a good fit for our group. After that, we will get you enrolled or refer you to a group that best fits your needs.

Do you accept Insurance?

At this time, our counseling services, including groups, are not in-network services on any insurance plans. Due to the nature of our groups (educational and supportive) they are not usually covered by insurance plans anyways. Why is this? You MUST fit a diagnosis for the group to be considered appropriate and covered. At Cincinnati Renewed Wellness, we prefer to avoid labels and only give diagnosis when appropriate.

Can I submit for reimbursement?

Yes! We often provide our clients with a patient statement that has all the required information needed by the insurance companies for a reimbursement request. Although, groups are often not covered for reimbursement. Check with your individual plan for more details.

What happens if I miss a group?

We will charge you the full group session fee for the missed group. Our groups have limited spaces. If you are enrolled in a group, it is expected that you attend for all stated sessions. This is why we often keep our groups brief in frequency (6-8 weeks). The reason we implement this policy is because missing a group session impacts the development of the group and prevents another client from being able to enroll. Please review our terms and policy’s for more information or contact us with any questions.

What if I start a group and I realize I am not ready or like group work?

That is OKAY!! If you attend the first group and you realize that the group is not the right fit or you prefer individual sessions, let us know. We always check in with our group members after the initial group to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable. If our group isn’t right for you or isn’t the right time, we will ensure we provide referrals for others if desired. Letting us know after the first session allows for us to add a wait-listed person to the group.