Embracing the Fear of Change

By: Allie McLaughlin

I want to address the common feelings of fear that revolves around seeking help. My hope is to reduce some of that fear by validating your experience and addressing that IT IS HARD! I want to praise you in your strength to even consider giving yourself the gift of growth and maybe even encourage you to move forward.

The decision making process to seek help can be challenging and daunting. If change was easy, we would all be doing it. We would all be easily achieving our goals and walking through life as the best versions of ourselves without effort. Doesn’t that sound PERFECT? Sure, but it’s unrealistic. I could say that it is unfortunate that we don’t live in this utopian world but, I’d be lying. There is beauty and power in the change process. Don’t get me wrong, change can suck. It can feel invasive and uncomfortable. It can generate sadness for the loss of activities, behaviors, and sometimes even friends. It can be tiring and overwhelming. I want you to know that it is okay to be scared and apprehensive. That’s your defense mechanisms kicking in! All those experiences listed above are truly challenging but know they are not impossible. Beyond the crud there is something beautiful with change. You develop a better understanding of who you are by identifying your strengths and utilize them to overcome your weaknesses. This allows you to work toward that better version of you. The commitment to change generates self-love and pride because you are achieving. Movement in the direction of positive change is already a victory, no matter how big or small.  At the end of the road toward change, you find yourself at a destination that provides a sense of clarity and comfort.  

If you are considering making a change, seeking help, or simply reaching out to someone, it’s okay to be fearful. Know that you are not alone. Approach your own change process at your own pace. Throw out society, family, and friend pressures. Focus on you. Give yourself some grace.  YOU GOT THIS!

Allison McLaughlin